Indonesia Ornamental Fish Show 2016

On the 17th of December 2016 I travelled together with one of Indonesia’s best fish breeders, Pak Mulyadi, to the Indonesian Convention Exhibition (ICE) in South Tangerang, to attend the Indonesia’s 1st Ornamental Fish and Aquatic Plant Show. I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of everyone I met there. The aquascaping competition was the biggest I have ever seen. The exhibition was divided is several themes: Betta, Killifish, Goldfish, Guppy, Arowana and Lohan. My personal highlight were the amazing award-winning Lohan’s on display and the 1 meter+ Jumbo Koi!

Indonesia has huge potential to become a market leader in the aquarium business since many aquarium fish species originate from Indonesia. Other non-native species are also harvested in Indonesia, particularly in and around Bogor. However, most of the money is made in Singapore due the lack of sufficient infrastructure in Indonesia. Singapore buys fish cheaply from Indonesia and sells it on to other countries overseas. Changi Airport and the Port of Singapore are far more effective in handling the demand than the overcrowded airport of Soekarno-Hatta or the flood-prone port of Tanjung Priok in Jakarta.

Despite this, the BRINusatic Ornamental Fish Show 2016 was a step in the right direction to commercialise the aquarium business in Indonesia. It united several fish-clubs into one joint show to make it appeal to a wider public. People from Ministry of Fisheries explained to me that this was the very reason why this show was held. I hope it will be held again soon!



WaterLink Leeuwarden

On the 26th of January 2017 I travelled up north to Leeuwarden for the 5th addition of the annual WaterLink event organised by Water Alliance. Water Alliance is a unique partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology in the Netherlands. It brings together a unique and complete chain of innovation for water technology, from first idea to potential commercial success: from knowledge to business.

This year 16 different countries attended the event, the most number of international guests so far. Swimmer and three time Olympic gold medalist, Pieter van den Hoogenband gave a speech on his approach to becoming the best. This was followed by eight different parallel sessions covering various domains of water technology. I chose to attend “recourse recovery from wastewater” which was very interesting. The potential for recovering phosphorus and cellulose from wastewater were mostly discussed in an interactive session. After this there were plenty of opportunities for networking under the enjoyment of a tasteful dinner 🙂


Gulper Catfish

The Gulper Catfish Asterophysus batrachus is a rather small predatory fish (max 25cm), but it has a ferocious appetite! It originates from the Orinoco and Rio Negro river basins of Venezuela and Brazil and can be found occasionally in the aquarium trade. They can live to over 15 years if kept in good conditions. Its stomach is extremely flexible which allows it to swallow prey of similar size. It usually swallows prey head-first. Rough teeth allow it to hold on to the sides of the prey while it slowly gets devoured. Other similar sized fish are stunned when a gulper suddenly decides to swallow it whole! Check out this amazing video of a gulper swallowing its prey. Within a few days the fish will be completely digested.

I thank bomber banks ENT for publishing this video.